Our Tamale Flavors

Flavors for Fiesta Season
Our tamales are gluten and lard-free
and gently steamed in organic masa.

All Tamales $3.90 each

Chicken VerdeOur most popular tamale offers the richness of roasted chicken and cheddar cheese blended together with our signature salsa verde. 
Oaxacan PicadilloNew for Fiesta, this tamale from southern Mexico combines lean ground beef and pork in a spicy red sauce. We add diced potato, carrots, tomato, green olives, raisins, and our own spice blend.  
Chipotle PorkA favorite tamale among our customers. Lean shredded pork is gently steamed in a smoky chipotle salsa. Bell peppers and corn kernels add additional texture and color. 
Breakfast Tamale— A terrific start to your day. Scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese, bell pepper, and diced potato in our red chipotle salsa.
Chile and CheeseThis vegetarian tamale is hearty enough to please meat-eaters as well. Roasted poblano chiles and jack cheese come together in a savory chipotle salsa. 
Spicy Black BeanSeasoned black beans, fresh corn, jack cheese and green bell pepper are all combined in a rich Oaxacan mole sauce.
Vegetarian Breakfast Tamale— Scrambled eggs, diced potato, jack cheese, and poblano chiles in chipotle red salsa…all wrapped up in our fluffy organic masa.
Farmers’ Market Vegan— This tamale features six seasonal vegetables from our local farmers’ markets. A tart and citrusy salsa verde brings all the flavors together.


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