Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you use lard in your tamales?

Our tamales are lard and gluten-free. They are also made with organic non-GMO masa.

Are some spicier than others?

One of our customers calls them “Goldilocks tamales.”    We like that description– not too hot and not too mild. One note. Our chile and cheese tamales are filled with poblanos and now and then have a bit more heat than our other flavors. 

Where can we pick up our order?

During Fiesta season, tamale orders may be picked up at the SB Chamber of Commerce offices. Pick up days are listed on the tamale order form.

Are any of your tamales vegan?

Our farmers’ market tamale is vegan. We also offer three other non-meat tamales.

Do you have a catering service?

Yes, we do. Our new party bike is a lot of fun. Customers like that we’ll bring the bike free of charge with a minimum order of tamales.

What tamale flavors do you offer?

Our tamale flavors change throughout the year. However, we always have both meat and non-meat tamales on our menu. Chicken and pork are our two most popular tamales, so we make sure to have those available. For Fiesta season, our menu includes four non-meat and four meat tamales. Here they are.

How long will frozen tamales keep?

Some customers say they keep our tamales up to six months and they taste great when steamed up. We suggest you may safely keep our tamales in your freezer for up to four months. 

Can we order salsa or side dishes?

Yes. We have two terrific signature salsas you may order–chipotle red, and a green tomatillo salsa. In addition, we offer vegetable escabeche and tropical fruit escamocha side dishes at our tamale bike events.

What is your delivery area?

Our delivery range is between Carpinteria and Goleta.